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Farming Practices and Systems

Comparative Financial Characteristics of U.S. Farms by Type, 2005

This study presents and analyzes the mean financial characteristics of different types of crop and livestock farms in the U.S. in 2005.

The Effect of Farm Labor Organization on IPM Adoption. Empirical Evidence from Thailand

This paper examines the effect of labor organization on integrated pest management (IPM) using cross section data collected from a participatory farming system survey of 157 durian growers in Chanthaburi, Thailand, in 2005.

Weather Effects on Trend, Variance and Distribution of Crop Yield

This paper addresses some limitations in the literature that result from not taking into account weather, and proposes an approach to incorporate weather into modeling yield.

Saffron Supply Response: A Panel Data Approach

The main objective of this study is to identify the main economic factors which affect the supply response of saffron in Iran using panel data econometrics approach.

The Impact of Agricultural Growth on Rural Non-Farm Incomes and Employment in Alabama

The objective in this paper therefore is to examine the importance of rural-urban growth linkages with a focus on the Black Belt region and estimate agricultural growth multipliers.

Financial Feasibility of Simultaneous Production of Pine Sawlogs, Forage, and Meat Goats on Small Farms in Alabama: A Preliminary Analysis

The objective in this paper was to conduct economic evaluations of agroforestry practices so that landowners, extension personnel, and other decision makers can correctly assess the potential of agroforestry practices among the many land-use options.

Dynamic Changes in Market Structure and Competition in the Corn and Soybean Seed Sector

The purpose of this paper is to analyze the dynamics of R&D investments, and the structure of the seed distribution sector using novel data sets that have not been used before to describe competition in these industries.

The Impact of Biofuels Policy on Agribusiness Stock Prices

This study investigates the impact of biofuels policy on U.S. agribusiness stock prices.