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Engineering, Technology and Research

Perspectives of Agricultural Extension

The “Perspectives of Agricultural Extension” aims at providing AICM students with an understanding of the perspectives of agricultural extension.

Will Carbon Find a Home on the Range? A Monte Carlo Simulation

As concerns over global climate change increase, there is growing interest in the potential for agricultural lands to provide ecosystem services related to carbon sequestration.

Governance Issues in the Principal-Agent Framework: Producing Cellulosic Ethanol in Michigan

This article analyzes the incentives and compensation problems faced by cellulosic ethanol producer and logging firms and the consequent impact on the organization of the wood based cellulosic ethanol industry in the US.

Dynamic Changes in Market Structure and Competition in the Corn and Soybean Seed Sector

The purpose of this paper is to analyze the dynamics of R&D investments, and the structure of the seed distribution sector using novel data sets that have not been used before to describe competition in these industries.

Catching-Up Trajectories in the Wine Sector: A Comparative Study of Chile, Italy and South Africa

This paper shows that emerging countries with diverse institutional models and innovation strategies, have been driving the process of technological modernization and product standardization.

LL601 Contamination and Its Impact on U.S. Rice Prices

LL601 is a genetically modified rice variety and unapproved for commercial use. Its presence was found in commercial shipments of U.S. rice in 2006.

Agriculture for Sustainable Economic Development: A Global R&D Initiative to Avoid a Deep and Complex Crisis

A global initiative for accelerated agriculture productivity is necessary now; such an initiative makes economic sense, is pro-poor and sustainable, and serves security.

Building capacity to increase agricultural productivity and incomes of poor small-scale farmers

If poverty is to be tackled in Africa, the productivity of the agricultural sector—which employs the majority of the citizenry—must be increased. This is especially crucial at a time when food prices are surging as a result of increasing demand for food g

Rural and Urban Linkages: Opertion Flood's Role in India's Dairy Development

In India, dairy production is important for employment, income levels, and the nutritional quality of diets. Milk production in India is dominated by smallholder farmers including landless agricultural workers. For example, 80 percent of milk comes from f