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Education and Extension

Building capacity to increase agricultural productivity and incomes of poor small-scale farmers

If poverty is to be tackled in Africa, the productivity of the agricultural sector—which employs the majority of the citizenry—must be increased. This is especially crucial at a time when food prices are surging as a result of increasing demand for food g

Constraints to Fertilizer Use in Nigeria: Perspectives and Insights from the Agricultural Extension Service

The importance of agriculture in Nigeria’s economy cannot be understated. Farming and livestock rearing is the main livelihood for over 70 percent of households in the country. In 2008, agriculture contributed 42 percent of the country’s GDP, significantl

The Impact of Agricultural Extension and Roads on Poverty and Consumption Growth in Fifteen Ethiopian Villages

This paper investigates whether public investments that led to improvements in road quality and increased access to agricultural extension services led to faster consumption growth and lower rates of poverty in rural Ethiopia.