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Education and Extension

Perspectives of Agricultural Extension

The “Perspectives of Agricultural Extension” aims at providing AICM students with an understanding of the perspectives of agricultural extension.

Farmer's Agribusiness Training Course: Module 3 - Entrepreneurship. Lesson 2: Organisation of Agricultural Enterprises

This lesson explains the importance of a formal and informal organisation, the process for establishing an agricultural enterprise and the different legal requirements in setting up a new agricultural enterprise.

Farmer's Agribusiness Training Course: Module 3 - Entrepreneurship. Lesson 1: Development of Entrepreneurial Mind Set

This lesson provides information on the role of entrepreneurship in economic development, how to identify sources of ideas for new agricultural ventures and methods for generating new ideas.

Internet Access and Internet Purchasing Patterns of Farm Households

TUsing data from the 2004 Agricultural Resource Management Survey (ARMS) and a double-hurdle estimation approach, we explore the adoption of computers with Internet access by and Internet purchasing patterns of farm households.

Enhancing Learning via the Internet: The Internet Agricultural Bank Simulation Game

This poster highlights features of the internet version of the Oklahoma Agricultural Bank Simulation Game and reports results of pre and post tests of undergraduate students playing the game at Louisiana State University and Oklahoma State University.

How the leopard has changed its spots: past dynamics and future opportunities

A commemorative lecture outlining the history and future opportunities of the Agricultural Economics Association of South Africa.

Commercial Grain Merchandisers: What Do They Need to Know?

Little information exists on grain merchandisers, their characteristics, and the skills needed to be successful. This research contributes toward filling this gap.

Assessing the Impact of the National Agricultural Advisory Services (NAADS) in the Uganda Rural Livelihoods

The National Agricultural Advisory Services (NAADS) program of Uganda is an innovative public private extension service delivery approach, with the goal of increasing market oriented agricultural production by empowering farmers to demand and control agri

It?s a Small World After All: Defining Smallholder Agriculture in Ghana

Strategies for boosting the agricultural economies of developing countries usually focus on small farms, attempting, for example, to link smallholders with markets through production chain development. However, such strategies often fail to differentiate