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Economics and Policy

The Impact of Biofuels Policy on Agribusiness Stock Prices

This study investigates the impact of biofuels policy on U.S. agribusiness stock prices.

Spatial Analysis of Illinois Agricultural Cash Rents

The purpose of this study is to revisit the question of how farm land markets change in response to changes in commodity prices.

Decomposing Trade Flows: the Case of China in Global Markets

This paper provides an analysis of China`s export growth patterns between 1978 and 2005

A Note on Technical Efficiency, Productivity Growth and Competitiveness

Productivity and efficiency growth enhances competitiveness’. Similarly formulated statements are common in the literature on the economic performance of firms, industries and nations

On Taxing Sugar-Sweetened Beverages to Combat the Obesity Problem

This paper discusses the problem of obesity related to the consumption of non-alcholic beverages in the United States of America.

Catching-Up Trajectories in the Wine Sector: A Comparative Study of Chile, Italy and South Africa

This paper shows that emerging countries with diverse institutional models and innovation strategies, have been driving the process of technological modernization and product standardization.

Soil management for vegetable growing in the Philippine uplands: A bio-economic analysis

A bio-economic analysis is used in this research to investigate the economic returns in terms of gross and net annual income over time for upland farmers from adopting alternative soil management options.

Production Contracts and Farm Business Growth and Survival

This paper explores empirically whether the use of production contracts has allowed hog operations to expand in scale.