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Economics and Policy

Whole Farm Income Insurance in a Canadian Context

This paper employs mean-variance and mean-skewness optimization to investigate farmers’ crop choices under Gross Revenue Insurance (GRIP), Whole Farm Income Insurance, the Canadian Agricultural Income Stabilization program, and its modified 2008 program A

Using Linked Household-level Datasets to Explain Consumer Response to BSE in Canada

This paper discusses methods used to understand how consumers who have different concerns about nutrition react to BSE events and how beef consumption after BSE discoveries were shaped by consumers concerns of food safety and their trust of government and

Will Carbon Find a Home on the Range? A Monte Carlo Simulation

As concerns over global climate change increase, there is growing interest in the potential for agricultural lands to provide ecosystem services related to carbon sequestration.

A Competing Values Approach to Small Family Business Succession

The objective of this study is to develop a spatial ‘competing values’ framework to characterize rural family businesses.

Consumer Confidence in the Food System, Media Coverage and Stock Prices of Food Companies: A Regression Analysis

This paper examines the impact of media coverage of food safety and defense issues on consumer confidence in food safety, and measures the response of stock prices of food companies to changes in consumer confidence.

The U.S. Import of Beef: Substitute or Complement for Domestic Beef Production?

U.S. beef producers have always been concerned that beef imports may depress prices. Consumer groups have held the opposite view. This research addresses this issue by assessing the impact of beef imports on wholesale domestic beef prices.

Financial Feasibility of Simultaneous Production of Pine Sawlogs, Forage, and Meat Goats on Small Farms in Alabama: A Preliminary Analysis

The objective in this paper was to conduct economic evaluations of agroforestry practices so that landowners, extension personnel, and other decision makers can correctly assess the potential of agroforestry practices among the many land-use options.

Agrifood Industry as Industry Intensively Based on Knowledge - Case Study of Vojvodina

Subject of this paper includes the studying significance and role of knowledge (theoretical and empirical aspects) as strategic resource in agrifood sector of Vojvodina.

Decoupled Payments to EU Farmers, Production, and Trade: An Economic Analysis for Germany

After an extended process of reform the European Union has introduced direct payments to farmers which are decoupled from production decisions as a central element of its Common Agricultural Policy. They are also referred to as Single Farm Payments. In th

How the leopard has changed its spots: past dynamics and future opportunities

A commemorative lecture outlining the history and future opportunities of the Agricultural Economics Association of South Africa.