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Economics and Policy

Grain Contracting Strategies: The Case of Durum Wheat

There are three purposes of this article: Provide a survey of contract terms used in grain contracting with growers, illustrate some issues in contracting of some of the specialty grains (durum) in the upper Midwest, and develop a model to analyze alterna

Farm Debt in Transition Countries: Lessons for Tajikistan

he purpose of the paper is to inform the debate around the issue of cotton farm debt in Tajikistan by studying the experience of other countries that had to contend with farm debt overhangs in the 1980s and the 1990s. Five CIS transition countries (Belaru

Socio-economic Determinants of the Performance of Informal Women Co-operatives in Enugu state, Nigeria

This study explores the way women in informal co-operatives in Enugu state, Nigeria organize their own forms of microfinance institutions particular to their needs and how the finances are managed.

Conditions Necessary for Private Investment in the Ethanol Industry

This article addresses the challenges associated with and the conditions necessary for achieving the private investment needed to expand the ethanol industry in the United States.

Managing Price Risk in Volatile Grain Markets, Issues and Potential Solutions

This article explores the potential liquidity benefits of making available an Over-the-Counter Margin Credit Swap contract to grain hedgers.

U.S. Cotton Prices and the World Cotton Market; Forecasting and Structural Change

This report analyzes recent structural changes in the world cotton industry and develops a statistical model that reflects current drivers of U.S. cotton prices

Export Implicit Financial Performance: The Case of French Wine Companies

Noting the difficulties of measuring a company’s export performance and especially financial performance, we develop a new measurement approach grounded on modern portfolio theory.

Land Reform and Farm-Household Income Inequality: The Case of Georgia

The income inequality implications of land reform are examined for the case of Georgia using regression-based inequality decomposition techniques.

Comparative Financial Characteristics of U.S. Farms by Type, 2005

This study presents and analyzes the mean financial characteristics of different types of crop and livestock farms in the U.S. in 2005.

Credits for Serbian Agriculture in the Transition Period

This paper reviews the Serbian Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Water Management`s decision to provide loans to agricultural entities in the transition period from 2004 to 2008.