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Animal Production and Health

Farm Milk Production, Marketing and Processing Activities in Kiruhura District: A Situational Report

The main purpose of the study was for AgShare team from Makerere University to share the agricultural skills and knowledge with Kiruhura farmers, and equip them with better milk handling and marketing skills through experience sharing and feedback meeting

Dairy Products Quality and Safety Module

This module equips the student with a broad knowledge of quality assurance and quality management related to the safety of milk products.

Conditions Necessary for Private Investment in the Ethanol Industry

This article addresses the challenges associated with and the conditions necessary for achieving the private investment needed to expand the ethanol industry in the United States.

Designing Rainfall Insurance Contracts for Pasture, Rangeland, and Forage

In the paper, preliminary results of the analysis of potential use of climate forecast information in designing rainfall index insurance in the southeastern region of the U.S. are reported.

Using Linked Household-level Datasets to Explain Consumer Response to BSE in Canada

This paper discusses methods used to understand how consumers who have different concerns about nutrition react to BSE events and how beef consumption after BSE discoveries were shaped by consumers concerns of food safety and their trust of government and

Economic Analysis of Johne's Disease Control Strategies in Dairy Herds

This study examined the long-term feasibility and effectiveness of various producer strategies to prevent and control Johne’s disease in dairy herds, an infectious and incurable disease which has significant economic repercussions for the dairy industry.

The U.S. Import of Beef: Substitute or Complement for Domestic Beef Production?

U.S. beef producers have always been concerned that beef imports may depress prices. Consumer groups have held the opposite view. This research addresses this issue by assessing the impact of beef imports on wholesale domestic beef prices.

Financial Feasibility of Simultaneous Production of Pine Sawlogs, Forage, and Meat Goats on Small Farms in Alabama: A Preliminary Analysis

The objective in this paper was to conduct economic evaluations of agroforestry practices so that landowners, extension personnel, and other decision makers can correctly assess the potential of agroforestry practices among the many land-use options.