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Agriculture General

Policy Benchmarking and Tracking the Agricultural Policy Environment in Nigeria

Although the Nigerian economy depends significantly on the oil sector, agriculture remains its mainstay. Agriculture contributed 42 percent of Nigeria’s gross domestic product (GDP) in 2008 (National Bureau of Statistics).

Weathering the Storm: Agricultural Development, Investment, and Poverty in Africa Following the Recent Food Price Crisis

The purpose of this paper is to evaluate trends in agricultural development, performance, and spending in Africa and to track corresponding progress in key poverty and hunger indicators following the recent food price crisis.

The Impact of Agricultural Extension and Roads on Poverty and Consumption Growth in Fifteen Ethiopian Villages

This paper investigates whether public investments that led to improvements in road quality and increased access to agricultural extension services led to faster consumption growth and lower rates of poverty in rural Ethiopia.

System Dynamics and Innovation in Food Networks 2009

The perception of markets delivering a Pareto optimal solution with distribution of benefits and value creation along the supply chain has been evolving

The South African Maize Milling Industry: Can Small and Medium-scale Maize Milling Enterprise Survive and Thrive?

This paper investigates the competitiveness of small and medium-scale maize milling enterprises in South Africa from estimates of a translog stochastic cost frontier model.