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Agriculture General

Land tenure and agricultural productivity in Uganda

Uganda’s significant economic growth over the last twenty years seemed to create favorable conditions for increased agricultural productivity

Constraints to increasing agricultural productivity in Nigeria

This paper reviews the constraints hindering growth of agricultural productivity in Nigeria.

Options for enhancing agricultural productivity in Nigeria

Since 2003, economic growth in Nigeria has been strong. Annual GDP grew by 9.1 percent per annum

Decentralization, agricultural services and determinants of input use in Nigeria

The substantial differences in agricultural productivity between Asia and Africa can be largely explained by differences in use of modern inputs. The evidence suggests that better access to infrastructure (such as roads and irrigation) and agricultural se

Ensuring food and nutrition security in rural Nigeria: An Assessment of the Challenges, Information Needs, and Analytical Capacity

Malnutrition is widespread in Nigeria, especially in rural areas. Nigerians are vulnerable to chronic food shortages, erratic supply, poor quality food, and fluctuating food prices. The huge investment in ensuring food and nutrition security for Nigerian

Enhancing Agricultural Productivity and Profitability in Nigeria

Much of Nigeria’s recent economic growth can be attributed to its non-oil economy—primarily agriculture. But the recent agricultural growth has been driven mainly by expansion in areas planted while productivity has remained flat or declining. This brief

Agriculture and the Economic Transformation of Ethiopia

Combining a review of experiences of other developing countries with an analysis of growth multipliers for Ethiopia, the paper argues that a high rate of agricultural growth has far-reaching positive implications for increasing employment and accelerating