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Agriculture General

Pro-poor biotechnology and biosafety research in partnership with developing countries: an overview of current IFPRI initiatives

The majority of poor people in developing countries rely on agriculture for their food and livelihoods. However, they are increasingly vulnerable and food insecure due to declining agricultural productivity growth, climate change susceptibility, and volat

Institutional economics perspectives on African agricultural development

The economics professions have been paying increasing attention to institutional issues, and they have developed strong concepts and analytical tools that are particularly relevant to the problems of agricultural change in Africa.

The impact of climate variability and change on economic growth and poverty in Zambia

We combined a hydro-crop model with a dynamic general equilibrium (DCGE) model to assess the impacts of climate variability

Implications of Accelerated Agricultural Growth on Household Incomes and Poverty in Ethiopia

Ethiopia’s national development strategy, A Plan for Accelerated and Sustained Development to End Poverty for 2005/06 to 2009/10 (PASDEP) places a major emphasis on achieving high rates of agricultural and overall economic growth.

The impact of shallow tubewells and boro rice on food security in Bangladesh

Bangladesh has made notable progress in achieving food security, despite extreme population pressures, limited land resources, and an agrarian structure dominated by small and tenant farmers.

Pearl millet and sorghum improvement in India

The spread of modern varieties and hybrids of pearl millet and sorghum that began in the mid-1960s has had an important impact on small farmer welfare in India.

Institutional reform in the Burkinab cotton sector and its impacts on incomes and food security

Like other West African cotton producers, Burkina Faso’s cotton strategy has traditionally involved substantial government intervention in both input and output markets. Despite some notable successes, this state-led strategy became widely criticized by t

The mungbean transformation: Diversifying crops, defeating malnutrition

This paper traces the research, development, and dissemination of improved mungbean in Asia and examines its impact on agricultural productivity and food security. Actions to sustain the intervention and support future research are noted.

Measuring agricultural research investments

Revised calculations of global agricultural research and development R&D) spending show that the world is investing less in agricultural research than previously thought. In addition, the agricultural R&D spending of developing countries has been revised

Inorganic fertilizer in Uganda

Agriculture is at the core of the livelihoods of most rural households in Uganda.