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Agriculture General

Vulnerability and the Impact of Climate Change in South Africa?s Limpopo River Basin

With likely long-term changes in rainfall patterns and shifting temperature zones, climate change is expected to increase the frequency of climate-related shocks, such as floods and droughts in Sub-Saharan Africa.

The Impact of Climate Variability and Climate Change on Water and Food Outcomes: A Framework for Analysis

Over the coming decades, global change will have an impact on food and water security in significant and highly uncertain ways, and there are strong indications that developing countries will bear the brunt of the adverse consequences, particularly from c

Micro-Level Analysis of Farmers? Adaptation to Climate Change in Southern Africa

Agricultural production remains the main source of livelihood for rural communities in Sub-Saharan Africa, providing employment to more than 60 percent of the population and contributing about 30 percent of gross domestic product. With likely long-term ch

It?s a Small World After All: Defining Smallholder Agriculture in Ghana

Strategies for boosting the agricultural economies of developing countries usually focus on small farms, attempting, for example, to link smallholders with markets through production chain development. However, such strategies often fail to differentiate

Migration and Technical Efficiency in Cereal Production Evidence from Burkina Faso

This paper uses data envelopment analysis and new data from Burkina Faso to test the impact of intercontinental and continental migration on technical efficiency in the production of two cereals—millet and sorghum—by rural households.

Surveillance and Control of Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza (HPAI) in Ethiopia ? An assessment of institutions and actors

Since its re-emergence, HPAI H5N1 has attracted considerable public and media attention because the viruses involved have been shown to be capable of producing fatal disease in humans.

Engendering Agricultural Research

This paper makes a case for gender equity in the agricultural R&D system.

Productivity convergence in Brazil: the Case of Grain Production

In recent years, Brazil has become a considerable player in agricultural markets for a number of commodities. Such agricultural growth in Brazil has largely been the result of gains in productivity over the last several decades.

The Linkages between Agriculture and Malaria: Issues for Policy, Research, and Capacity Strengthening

Malaria afflicts many people in the developing world, and due to its direct and indirect costs it has widespread impacts on growth and development. The global impact of malaria on human health, productivity, and general well-being is profound. Human activ