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Agriculture General

The Special Safeguard Mechanism in the Doha Development Agenda: a Case Study of Soybeans

The Special Safeguard Mechanism (SSM) proposed for developing countries has become a thorny issue in the Doha Development Agenda’s (DDA) agricultural negotiations.

Testing Asymmetric Price Transmission in the Vertical Supply Chain in De-regulated Rice Markets in Bangladesh

Market liberalization at the domestic level and at the boarder level has been a dominant feature of market reforms in most developing countries including Bangladesh during the last two decades.

U.S. Cotton Acreage Response Due to Subsidized Crop Insurance

U.S. farm policy has undergone a series of premium subsidy increases since 1994 to make crop insurance more affordable to farmers. Previous research shows that subsidized crop insurance may cause farmers to shift or expand their production.

Rural Innovation Systems and Networks Findings from a Study of Ethiopian Smallholders

Agriculture in Ethiopia is changing. New players, relationships, and policies are influencing how smallholders access and use information and knowledge.

The Transformation of the AFAR Commons in Ethiopia

The major economic activity for pastoralists is animal husbandry. The harsh regulate resource utilization via a common property regime.

Agricultural Growth and Investment Options for Poverty Reduction in Zambia

Zambia has experienced strong economic performance since 1999. However, agriculture has not performed as well as the rest of the economy, and although the incidence of poverty has declined, it still remains high.

Successes in African Agriculture - Lessons for the future

Agricultural growth offers a potentially powerful poverty reduction in Africa. In a continent where 70 percent of the poor work in agriculture, an upsurge in farm productivity contributes directly to broad increases in rural income.