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Social Sciences Interest Group

This group aims at assisting teachers to develop among (primary/secondary school students) the ability to acquire and learn to use knowledge, skills, and attitudes that will prepare them to be competent and responsible citizens throughout their lives.

Our first assumption is that the building and consolidation of a vibrant democratic political culture in any African country, where groups and individuals are aware of their identities and fully exercise their rights and responsibilities, is necessary for sustainable development. The second assumption is that the destiny and future of any country in Africa depends on the participation of each and every citizen in building accountable relationships between government and society. The third assumption is that a well designed and implemented social studies curriculum can be an effective instrument for the development of responsible citizens with the requisite knowledge, civic competence, attitudes, values and behaviors appropriate for a democratic political culture.

As the group embark on the development of materials for this area of academic interest, it is important to take note of the varying education contexts that exist within each individual African country. As such, members of the group will have to grapple with one or more of the following issues:

  • What should be the trade off between the transmission of values intended as inculcation of beliefs and values and the development of moral selfhood and autonomy?
  • Should the desired values be specified in curricular guidance, and to what extent are such values commonly ‘shared’?
  • Where value tensions are encountered, whose values should be given prominence?

We invite you to join us in developing this site, or be in touch your questions and comments!