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Saide Teacher Education Series

Education Studies is the disciplinary arm of education understood as a ‘subject’ or field of enquiry. It normally involves the study of current education issues, theories and practices. 

Although Education Studies is often parodied as mere ‘theory’, our assumption is that multi-disciplinary approaches to the study of education have much potential to provide aspiring or practising teachers with a solid foundation of understanding for organising systematic learning in different contexts and meet particular needs. Orients teachers to informed practice based on a variety of appropriate methods of classroom teaching. 

Featured Resources

The Saide Teacher Education Series is a comprehensive multi-media series aims to develop teachers’ abilities to use theory in practice; and to understand, intervene in and improve their practice as teachers. It comprises:

  • Learning guides, which operate much as a teacher does in structuring learning, explaining concepts, exploring debates in the field, and direct readers to other parts of the module at appropriate times;
  • Edited readings for further exploration of concepts, issues and debates raised in the Learning Guide;
  • Audio resources which use interviews and classroom events to develop the issues raised in each of the modules
  • Videos which bring issues and debates from the modules to life.


The diagram above shows the inter-relationships of the modules in terms of curriculum coverage. From within a framing context generated by Creating People-Centred Schools,

This set of modules provides an issue-based, interactive library of high quality texts.  Please note that the Curriculum section provides resources and scope for individual or collaborative development of a module rather than just use and adaptation of an existing module. Collectively the modules have cohesion in terms of curriculum and pedagogy. The TABLE attached reflects the coverage of each module in relation to the main knowledge structures comprising Education Studies. The table also provides an indication of the close link between theory and practice in each module.