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The African Teacher Education OER Network is about encouraging understanding, use, and sharing of Open Educational Resources (OER) to support teacher education and development in Africa.

At any one time we will be working on various projects. Currently our focus is on projects in Zambia and Tanzania, as well as a South Africa-UK partnership. However, we are always in discussion with multiple institutions and organisations and new relationships and projects arise all the time. Please contact us if you are interested in working collaboratively on OER for teacher education.

Teacher Education OER Projects

  • The University of Fort Hare’s B Prim Ed was a high quality programme for in-service Eastern Cape teachers which ran from 1998 to 2006. We decided to digitise their excellent materials and make them available online for everyone to enjoy.
  • The Data Informed Practice Improvement Project (DIPIP) aimed to create a context in which ‘critical friends’ (post graduate students and district facilitators) worked with school teachers on data which provides evidence of learners’ performance. Read more about this project!
  • ACEMaths Project aim was to pilot a collaborative process for the selection, adaptation and use of OER materials for teacher education programmes in South Africa.
  • Saide Teacher Education Series was originally conventionally published. We re-published a number of the modules digitally and released them as Open Educational Resources.