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Getting Practical

Saide Getting Practical: A professional studies guide to teaching and learning equips South African teachers with strategies to cope with the demands of the classroom. With content that is practical and relevant in its approach, the book aims to develop the skills required to teach in a thoughtful and learning-centered manner. 

Saide Getting Practical is aimed at undergraduate and postgraduate students taking courses in Professional Studies or doing Teaching Practice modules. It is also suitable for teachers' continuing professional development. Numerous case studies, activities and exercises ensure a practical focus and demonstrate different teaching strategies. 


  • Content that is practical and relevant in its approach.
  • Specific South African context and specific South African problems that educators have to deal with.
  • Intensive teaching practice to enable teachers to acquire the skills to teach in a learning-centred manner.

Curriculum and Using Media in Teaching work well with another module in the Saide Teacher Education Series, Getting Practical. This module is also commercially published by Oxford University Press and is now available in a third edition. As this book is commercially published under a conventional licence, we cannot make the whole book available on this site. 

Table of Contents

Section One: How to use this module

  • What will we do in this module?
  • How is the module structured?
  • The changing contexts of teaching

Section Two: Planning to teach

  • Education as an intentional activity
  • Purpose-driven planning: how do we decide what and how to teach?
  • Planning with national aims in mind
  • Developing teaching plans

Section Three: Assessing learning and teaching

  • Assessment: Introducing the terms
  • Choosing appropriate assessment instruments
  • Recording assessment

Section Four: Teaching with learning in mind

  • How do young people learn?
  • The importance of talk in learning
  • What does this mean for teaching?

Section Five: Whole-class teaching

  • Using explaining as a teaching tool
  • Using questions in teaching
  • Using demonstrations in teaching
  • Using whole-class discussion in teaching

Section Six: Small-group, problem-based teaching

  • Small-group teaching and learning
  • Problem-based learning
  • Resourcing learning and teaching

Section Seven: Using information and communication technology in education

  • Exploring the potential of integrating ICT in the classroom
  • From potential to practice: integrating ICT into the classroom

Section Eight: Managing learning and teaching

  • Creating and managing disciplined classrooms
  • Teaching as a management tool
  • Enriching the environments in which we teach

Section Nine: Ongoing professional development

  • What is a professional leader?
  • How do we improve our professional practice?
  • Assessing your practice
  • A concluding comment