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Early Childhood Interest Group

This group concerns preparing teachers for laying the foundations of successful learning for and with young children – through the development of the whole child as a person and as a learner, and the development of literacy and numeracy.

Our first assumption is that all children can learn to read and all children can learn mathematics. That this does not happen by the time children in school reach the age of nine is not acceptable, but it is remediable through improving the quality of teaching.

Our second assumption is that student teachers should not only be taught how to manipulate a particular approach to the teaching of reading or numeracy, but that they need to understand the processes of reading and writing and becoming numerate.

Our third assumption is that key to improving early literacy and numeracy is a valuing of the child’s home language and the use of the language assets children bring from their homes. In Africa, multilingual learning is a necessity as well as an enormous resource.

Our fourth assumption is that key to successful teaching of young children is to focus on the whole child as a person and a learner, and to use the child's natural curiosity to drive developmentally appropriate integrated learning.

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Materials for the Early Childhood Development are still being developed. We invite you to join us in developing this site, or to be in touch with your questions and comments! Contact us.