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Curriculum embodies the core of our work. Knowledge and understanding of this core is essential for the preparation of effective teachers. There is a need for maths teacher educators to keep abreast with curriculum change so that their courses can more effectively enable teachers to develop the ability to read and implement the curriculum in their classrooms. This focus area of the Mathematics theme includes not only examples of maths curricula from a range of African countries, but also curriculum support materials for teacher educators to adapt and use, as well as articles and perspectives on working with a national curriculum. 

Curriculum articles and resources

Articles on mathematics curriculum research and teacher curriculum knowledge development.

Materials to support the teaching of the mathematics curriculum

  • Materials produced by the Gauteng Institute for Curriculum Development (GICD) to support the teaching of maths for South Africa’s Curriculum 2005 but which is still useful for teachers of mathematics today. These materials are an example of curriculum specific material that was developed and then set aside when a new curriculum was introduced. We would like to revive these materials and make them readily available as OER since they still have value for members of the mathematics education community. 

The GICD material is thematically presented mathematical content (in line with C2005 thinking) with separate learner’s material and teacher’s guides. The learner’s material has background information necessary for the completion of the activities which is concisely presented prior to each activity sheet. Activities are primarily mathematical but some of them are purely thematic. The teacher’s guides begin with C2005 introductory notes. These notes are followed by notes for teachers relating to each unit in the learner’s material. The teacher’s notes give information on time required for the activity, resources needed, class organisation suggested, unit outcomes, unit activity outline and activity solutions. There were four Grade 7 sets of materials that we thought may still be useful (other material was too densely curriculum orientated). We would be interested to hear your views on this material and ways in which you have used it.

GICD Grade 7 materials