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Help us spread the word about the Network, the resources and services we provide, and about our growing community.  Use our collection of brochures, graphics, presentations, multimedia, and publications to tell your colleagues about OER.  Help build a case for open sharing at your institution!  If you have any presentations or other materials related to health OER that you would like to share, please contact us.


Our overview brochure (PDF) provides a quick look at the Network mission, goals, services, participants, and activities — all in a single tri-fold



Need logos for your marketing materials?  Or images of OER in action for your presentations?  Check out our Flickr collection.  



Our colleagues have presented posters on many aspects of OER production and use. Visit our collection and feel free to reuse, adapt, or share.   



Whether you just want a few talking points or need a full slide deck, you'll find something in our set of presentations to suit your needs. 



Our multimedia collection includes documentaries and instructional videos across several health sciences disciplines. Browse the YouTube Health OER Network playlists for OER Africa and University of Michigan

Case Studies

The UG and KNUST case studies provide an in-depth look OER initiatives at African health science institutions, including strategic priorities, achievements, challenges, production process, future plans, and participants’ advice for others  interested in OER initiatives. 


These are peer reviewed papers that have been published in scholarly journals. 



We perform and publish annual evaluations of Network activities. We also review and provide feedback on institutional policies for OER. 




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