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About Us

Inspired by potential benefits of Open Educational Resources (OER), in mid-2009, over 40 faculty and staff representing eight health science institutions from across Africa came together to discuss the formation of network to share openly licensed health educational materials developed by and targeted toward their African colleagues. At the meeting, participants jointly developed a Vision for a Health OER Network in Africa, which envisioned a network of African institutions that would harness OER to share knowledge, address curriculum gaps, and build communities of practice around healthcare education. Our code of conduct guides participation in the Network.

Our aim is to position the Network as a leader in sharing educational resources for health, dramatically expanding African health educators’ global impact and influence and strengthening the Network as a point of reference for learning and teaching materials for educators and learners across the African continent and ultimately worldwide. Learn more about the services we offer.

The Network is co-facilitated by OER Africa, an initiative of the South African Institute for Distance Education, and the University of Michigan. The Network has been supported by several grants from the Hewlett Foundation.

Code of Conduct

Participants in the African Health OER Network (herein referred to as “the Network”) are expected to adhere to the following simple Code of Conduct when engaging in Network activities.  The Code of Conduct states that these individuals or organizations:

  • Understand that the Network is an open community and that content posted on the website, discussion lists, or any other Network-associated platform will be publicly available.
  • Confirm that any content that you submit to the Network website is your own and is to the best of your knowledge available to be published as OER under an open licence (e.g. Creative Commons) or dedicated to the public domain.
  • Agree to do your best to ensure that the content you submit is scientifically accurate and, where relevant, based on structured observations or experimental evidence.
  • Assume responsibility for the content that you submit and agree not to submit content or take any action that infringes or violates someone else's rights or otherwise violates the law, including violations of copyright or privacy.
  • Agree, wherever possible, to include editable versions of any content submitted to the Network website to enable adaptation of OER by other Network participants.
  • Agree that the Network administrators reserve the right to remove content from the website that does not abide by local copyright or privacy law.
  • Will not send or otherwise distribute unauthorized commercial communications (such as spam), viruses or other malicious code via the Network website or associated discussion lists.
  • Agree not use the Network site or associated discussion lists to proselytize for a religious, political, or social movement nor do anything unlawful, disrespectful, malicious, fraudulent, or discriminatory.
  • Do your best to report functional, technical, or policy issues you encounter within the Network website or your interactions with other participants to the Network administrators so that they can appropriately address them. 


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